Who We Are

Grace Presbyterian Church was established on March 5, 2000 from the merger of two local Presbyterian churches, Westminster and North Highlands.  Westminister  Presbyterian Church was originally established in 1844 as Second Presbyterian Church.  The name changed occurred in 1894.  North Highlands Presbyterian Church began as a mission extension of Bethany Presbyterian Church and on May 20, 1956 members were officially transferred.

As Presbyterians, we are committed to Christian discipleship in the Reformed tradition.  We value our core Presbyterian heritage in such aspects as equality of women in leadership, the practice of open communion and an open government in which everyone has a vote.

As the Grace congregation, we are always aware of our motto, “Following Jesus . . . Serving Others.”  We are following Jesus through our Christian education classes, Bible Study groups, meaningful experiences in scripture-centered worship services, traditional music and involvement of the members in all aspects of church life.

Both with our dollars and with our hands, we serve others by reaching out in many different ways to our immediate neighbors, to several ministries in the Fort Wayne community and to our international neighbors.  We share ideas and programs with the churches in our area as well as the other three Presbyterian Churches in town.

Our members are confident that God is in our hearts and we are committed to working in and for the church.  Evangelism is a priority in the life of Grace and we do reach out to the neighborhood in many tangible ways.  Our neighbors respond in great numbers to our Halloween party, our Easter egg hunt and our Back-to-School event.

Grace’s mission statement is a simple phrase, “Following Jesus . . . Serving Others.”

We follow Jesus in three important areas.  In worship, we listen as a body of believers.  In small groups, we hear Christ’s word in meaningful experiences which include fellowship, Bible study, committees and prayer.  In interactions with neighbors, we seek to discover and meet spiritual and physical needs.

We serve others by attempting to make our facility accessible to the physically challenged.  We aspire to have a team of gifted welcomers maintain contact with visitors and members.  We identify, support and serve mission partners outside of our walls.  We make every effort to communicate clearly with the congregation and our neighbors.  We place a special importance on Christian education for all.  We continue to explore ways to support the children and parents of our community.