Wedding Information

Wedding Information

There are 32 pews that seat 10 persons per pew for a total of 320 and the balcony has 6 pews that seats 9 persons per seat for a total of 54. Total seating 374.

Bows for pews
You will need 18 bows (16 for every other pew plus 2 for front divider).
Make sure florist prepares bows with ribbon or elastic, No tape or wire.
Do you plan to take pew bows with you or leave for the church?

There are 2 candelabras that hold 7 candles each. Use stearine candles not beeswax.
The candle size can be 16” or 18” x 7/8 round. Total of 14 Candles.
Available are 14 Pew Candelabras– candle size is 8” by 7/8”

Shelf (Under the Cross)
The shelf under the cross is 8.5″ wide at the center. There is 28″ from the shelf to the bottom of the cross (height), and the entire length of the shelf is 97″ (Approximately 8 feet). A good size for a large arrangement is 26-27″ long and 27.5″ high.

The aisle is 75 feet from the base of the steps to the back of the narthex (60 feet to the front of the narthex). If you would like the runner to go up the steps please add 5 more feet.

Questions and Suggestions

1. Will ushers be distributing bulletins? If not names responsible for distributing them?
2. Will you be using the kneeling bench?
3. Are you having a Unity candle, with side candles?
4. Please have your florist label all floral pieces, corsages, boutonnieres, bouquets, etc., with the name of each recipient in the wedding party.
5. Will you be having a Guest Register at the church?
6. Will you be using the chair lifts?

If you have any questions please call the church office at 426-4712.