Pastor Statement of Faith

I believe God lovingly created all good and whole. Despite God’s love, creation turned away and became hopelessly fallen and consumed by sin. Despite our rebellion, God continued to love creation mysteriously, beyond any ability to understand.

I believe, in God’s great love, the Word became incarnate in Jesus Christ. Conceived by the Holy Spirit, a virgin Mary gave birth to the man Jesus. Jesus came to Earth as human to redeem creation’s every aspect, suffering every human pain and temptation without sin. He chose to submit to a demeaning and painful execution on a cross as the complete sacrifice for our sins, redeeming creation from its brokenness, fulfilling the sin’s debt, and reuniting us with God.

I believe Jesus poured out the Holy Spirit onto humanity at Pentecost. The Holy Spirit blesses humanity with infinitely different gifts and works in completely mysterious ways, impossible to understand and difficult to perceive definitively yet felt always.

I believe these beings make us one Triune God. One substance and being make up all three, but each has inextricably different forms. This Triune God’s work and blessing produce all goodness in creation.

I believe my sin makes me hopelessly broken, always failing God’s glory and worthy of God’s wrath. I do no good besides what comes through God’s providence, Christ’s redeeming act, and the Holy Spirit’s intercession.

I believe Jesus’ sacrificial act released me from the chains of sin. The cross healed my brokenness and provided me with salvation and grace. I am saved because of his death, making dead to sin and alive in Christ. I stand in awe of God’s love, knowing I am loved and knowing that no act can change God’s love.

I believe God calls every soul to ministry. All who love God, have faith in Jesus’ reconciling act, and feel the Holy Spirit’s presence and works cannot help but proclaim the Good News of Christ sacrifice and love.

I believe baptism signifies recognizing the Holy Spirit’s blessing. Baptism does not redeem but rather outwardly signifies intentionally joining the Body of Christ or a commitment to raise a child knowing the love and blessings membership in the Body of Christ brings.

I believe all the faithful, past, present, and future, partake in the Lord’s Supper every time we serve it. It reminds us of Christ’s love and we share it within community. It cannot save but nourishes and brings community together, emulating the love Christ shared in that final meal.

I believe my brokenness makes me unworthy to receive this vocation but God loves me, blesses me, and calls me to dedicate my vocation and life to sharing Christ’s love, and God works through me, a broken vessel for God’s love and light.

I believe nothing can separate me from God’s love and I give all glory to God.

Pastor Robert Brown