Souper Bowl Sunday

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It’s that time of year again! Support the team you hate least in the Super Bowl and help out local people in need with the Souper Bowl of Caring!

This year, our goal is to raise 250# of soup for the Associated Churches Food Banks, which is just a little bit more than we raise last year.

BUT, if Grace can exceed what we did last year, Pastor Robert is willing to have some fun as a reward!

If we can collect 300# of soup, after worship on the 11th, Pastor Robert will take a pie to the face! Everyone is invited to see such a fun spectacle!

If we can raise 400# of soup, Pastor Robert will shave his beard!

This is such a fun way to help a good cause! Support the Patriots dynasty or the Eagles upset, and help feed the hungry at the same time!

Goal: 250 LBs
“PIE” in the Sky Goal: 300 LBs
Ultimate Crazy Goal: 400 LBs

God Bless, and GO SPORTS TEAM and/or CLUB!